Saturday, June 2, 2012

Disappointing Changes


Sometimes, I REALLY hate change.  Like when you paint your nails and a color changes after you top coat... In one of my Julep Maven Mystery Boxes I received Taylor and Alicia.  I was feeling summery (because spring is practically non-existent here in Central Texas) the other day and thought that these colors would make a fabulous combination.  I was so thrilled with the base colors on my right hand and added OPI Pirouette My Whistle to my accent nails (ring finger and thumb).  Now I was super excited, but then I starting to topcoat.  And, WHOOSH!  Taylor became a deeper, brighter blue!  Though it was pretty, I was SO disappointed!  It definitely wasn't the color/look I was going for.  Notice the middle finger (topcoated) vs. the index finger (not topcoated) in the picture to the right.  In addition to the color change, the formula wasn't the best.  It was a little transparent and streaky to begin with.

 I decided to go against my unusual pattern habits and do my hands inversely (mainly because I LOVED Alicia, but was so disappointed in Taylor and didn't have time to start completely over lol).  I surprisingly enjoyed the inverse style of the manicure.  Maybe I'll do it again sometime ;)

So, have you ever had a polish change after topcoating or otherwise?

Thanks & Gig 'em!

P.S.  For another polish that changed on me, check out my Jubilee Post.


  1. Inverted mani = genius! I still think it's wonderful even w color change!