Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Retro Review


I found some old manicure pictures the other and decided that it might benefit some of you for me to do a review on some of the polishes used, namely the Essie Luxeffects Collection, since they're still readily available and you might be wanting some glitters.  I added them to the new NOTD Gallery, as well :)  The Luxeffects collection is a topcoat collection, so it doesn't require anything on top.  With that said, I do use my usual Seche Vite over it for a couple of reasons actually.  First, because I like a smooth finish.  Second, because I CANNOT keep my hands still long enough for the manicure to dry otherwise. lol  (Please excuse the chubby-ish fingers.  These were last year and I was still losing weight.  Also note that this is was before I expanded my horizons past Essie polishes.)

First up, the one that is probably my least favorite of collection (though still a beauty and I love her), As Gold As It Gets.  In this picture she is over Essie Pretty Edge (it was a Christmas manicure).  She is fairly subtle, so the name is a slight misnomer.  But over, a great option for a little glitz.

The next lady is also a subtle one, rather coy actually.  Pure Pearlfection, here over Essie Midnight Cami, makes any polish look star-kissed.  It's glitter is super fine, quite pearly (definitely got this name right :)), and rather dense therefore it doesn't call for a thick layer at all.

Shine of the Times seems to be a favorite of many.  Some call her a flakie.  She definitely comes alive on top of dark underwear, here over Essie Luxedo.  Depending on the light and angle you could be dazzle with a whole spectrum of colors from magentas, fuchsias, yellows, lime greens, blues, and everything in between.

The next two are truly my favorites of the collection the silver glitter is Set in Stones and the rosy glitter is A Cut Above.  Both are a mixture of round and hex glitter in various sizes.  They look like you sequined your finger tips.  I cannot count the number of compliments I received while wearing either glitter.  So many people said it looks like I'm wearing diamonds on nails when I wear Set in Stones, ironic, huh?  Even funnier, I sell diamonds!  I was going to say that both of these wear like iron, but I think wear like a diamond is more fitting ;)  You'll definitely need acetone to get them off.

Do you have any of the Luxeffects?  Or now plan to pick some up?

Thanks & Gig 'em!


  1. I absolutely love set in stones! However, I've never even thought of putting it over a silver/grey base, it looks so pretty, I must try it! Great post.

  2. Thanks!!!!! I love it, too. That was actually the very first manicure I ever did with it :) If you try it, please share it on the Fb page! Also, if you check out the end of the NOTD Gallery I have another, recent, mani picture with Set in Stones as an accent over a darker gray :)

  3. I love these pics!!
    I have the "a cut above" but I haven't even used it yet.
    now I really think I should!

    1. Thanks!!!! You most definitely should! And then share :D