Sunday, July 22, 2012

Think "Biggs"


I know I haven't gotten a post up in awhile, and honestly I don't know when the next one will go up, but this has been heavy on my heart for awhile...

Today's manicure is inspired a wonderful young man that has changed many lives and continues to be an inspiration to others.  On January 22nd of this year, a dear friend of mine lost her youngest brother in a tragic car accident.  The driver of the vehicle was drunk and lost control at high speed.  God's only mercy was that Brice "Biggs" Contreras, a passenger and not driver, was killed instantly and did not suffer.  I have experienced a great deal of death in my life, too much of it alcohol or poor choice related.  But this one was still extremely difficult, just in a different way.  I did not know Brice directly, but I felt like I knew him.  And, I know that he was starting down a very rewarding path when God took him home, but because of a young man's determination to drive under the influence I will never get to meet Brice in this life or see him become a great man that changes the world.  But my difficulties and grief arefor his family.  They have to find a way to make it through each day and he has two newborn nephews that will never feel his warm touch here on Earth.  His older nephew keeps asking when he'll be back from Heaven.  Tragedies such as these CAN and SHOULD be avoided.  If you drink, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not drive.  Nothing may happen, or you may make many people's worlds stop turning.

The base color of this inspired manicure, OPI DS Magic (which by the way applies beautifully and I adore), was actually given to me by Brice's mother and as soon as I saw it I knew that the first manicure I did with it had to honor Brice (and each after would remind me of him).  He loved the Dallas Mavericks and this blue just screams of Mav spirit.  The stamping is done with Orly Luxe faded into Orly Dazzle and Konad Image Plate m83.  I know the Mav's colors do not include gold, but hear me out (besides it's not obvious at all).  The pattern reminded me of both plants and fire.  So I used the gold and silver to be representative of it all.  Why plants and fire you ask?  Well, Brice was showing immense growth at the time of his death and he has caused immense growth in others.  Also, Brice had an inner fire that spread to those around him anytime he was around.  He was warm and caring, a friend to all.  How do I know this if I never actually met him myself, you ask?  Because I know people that knew him and he made a difference in them.

The world needs more people like Brice and fewer people driving drunk.  Please think before you get into a car under the influence or not, you are in control of a weapon that can end lives.  Please pay attention and be mindful.  Think "Biggs", because you're actions are bigger than yourself.  In April, Brice's family and many friends walked with MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) to raise funds and awareness.  They are in the process of creating a website for a foundation created in his memory, Think "Biggs".  Please check periodically to see how you can help once the website is up and running.

 Thanks & Gig 'em!


  1. What a tragedy. And gorgeous tribute mani ♥

  2. My condolences to your friend's loss. It's very hard to cope with something as tragic as that. I'm glad to see your tribute to your friend's brother, with something as creative as your nail polishes.

    DUI Defense Team

  3. Driving while intoxicated has already taken many lives, and gravely injured even more. And losing someone due to this is really heartbreaking and frustrating, when you realize that all of it was caused by someone's negligence. I hope your nail art could remind everyone of the bad consequence of driving under alcoholic influence.

    Roman Barnes @ J and J Law

  4. I'm sure that Brice will be very happy with what you have done for him here. DUIs are sadly still frequent nowadays, and lots of lives have been threatened. And what’s sad is that those people think that they can still drive, despite their alcohol-impaired senses. At least, Brice's story serves as a reminder for us to be vigilant about DUIs, as well as to understand the dimensions of this problem.

    Kim Hunter @ Kim Hunter